We’re committed to keeping our environment healthy for future generations.


At Environmental Services we work as though we are part of your company and you're part of our families.  We work hand in hand with as much care for our customers as the employees themselves.  With a combined 27 years of experience managing waste generated at a facility or site, we have strong industry knowledge and experience that affords us the flexibility and creativity to effectively manage any size project from a five-gallon pail, to a multi-million dollar campaign.  When you call Jon and Craig, that's who you get.  We are the ones who show up and who you call every time you want to talk about your waste disposal project.

Our experience is uncommon in the industry and allows for different perspectives and/or approaches when handling projects for our customers.

Jon Wolters

I started as a CDL driver with a national environmental company hauling hazardous and non-hazardous material from customers.  Learning the industry from a driver's standpoint gives me a unique perspective with projects and compliance. I transitioned to an HSE coordinator for two large manufacturers which adds to what I bring to the environmental industry.  Working as an HSE coordinator means I have worked on the side of our customers.  I understand their needs and the hurdles they face daily.  Being an owner of Environmental Services with Craig is my proudest accomplishment and allows me to bring my personal experiences to customers and projects.  I love working with our customers, jumping into projects and issues with them, figuring out the best direction, accomplishing the goals of the customer and striving to exceed their expectations every single time.

Craig Peters

I have spent many years in sales and project management as a broker of waste and I have also worked directly for a TSDF managing hazardous and non-hazardous materials transportation and disposal.  I have learned over the years that what I enjoy most is working on the ground level on behalf of generators.  I like solving problems and thinking of ways to manage materials in a cost-effective way. I've worked for small, medium and large companies and have always decided the next career step for myself.  I'm proud of what I accomplished in my previous positions but it was the right thing to do for me to move on and join forces with Jon to create something that I truly enjoy and I can be proud of every day.  I can be more effective as a small business owner and can give all of my time to my customers.